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Synonyms of bad in English:


  • 1 bad workmanship
    substandard, poor, inferior, second-rate, second-class, unsatisfactory, inadequate, unacceptable, not up to scratch, not up to par, deficient, imperfect, defective, faulty, shoddy, amateurish, careless, negligent;
    dreadful, awful, terrible, abominable, frightful, atrocious, disgraceful, deplorable, hopeless, worthless, laughable, lamentable, miserable, sorry, third-rate, diabolical, execrable;
    incompetent, inept, inexpert, ineffectual
    informal crummy, rotten, pathetic, useless, woeful, bum, lousy, ropy, appalling, abysmal, pitiful, God-awful, dire, poxy, not up to snuff, the pits
    British informal duff, chronic, rubbish, pants, a load of pants
    vulgar slang crap, shit, chickenshit
    rare egregious
    [Antonyms] good, excellent, skilled
  • 2 the alcohol is having a bad effect on her health
    harmful, damaging, detrimental, undesirable, injurious, hurtful, inimical, dangerous, destructive, ruinous, deleterious;
    [Antonyms] good, beneficial
  • 3 she had heard about him and his dissolute, bad life the bad guys
    wicked, sinful, immoral, evil, morally wrong, corrupt, base, black-hearted, reprobate, depraved, degenerate, dissolute, amoral;
    informal crooked, bent, dirty
    archaic dastardly
    [Antonyms] virtuous
  • 4 Tilda! You bad girl!
    naughty, badly behaved, disobedient, wayward, wilful, self-willed, defiant, unruly, insubordinate, undisciplined, unmanageable, uncontrollable, ungovernable, unbiddable, disruptive, rebellious, refractory, recalcitrant;
    mischievous, full of mischief, playful, impish, roguish, puckish, rascally, prankish, tricksy
    informal brattish, scampish
    Scottish informal gallus
    archaic contumacious
    [Antonyms] well behaved
  • 5 bad news
    unpleasant, disagreeable, unwelcome, unfortunate, unfavourable, unlucky, adverse, nasty;
    terrible, dreadful, awful, grim, distressing, regrettable
    archaic or humorous parlous
    [Antonyms] good
  • 6 a recession is a bad time to try and sell a business
    [Antonyms] good
  • 7 a bad accident a bad head injury
    [Antonyms] minor, slight
  • 8 the meat's gone bad
    sour, rancid, rank, unfit for human consumption;
    maggoty, worm-eaten, wormy, flyblown
    [Antonyms] fresh
  • 9 if you still feel bad, stay in bed See ill
  • 10 a bad knee
    injured, wounded, diseased
    British informal gammy, knackered
    Australian/New Zealand informal crook
    dated game
  • 11 George always felt bad after shouting at her
    [Antonyms] unrepentant
  • 12 a bad cheque
    invalid, worthless;
    counterfeit, fake, false, spurious, fraudulent
    informal bogus, phoney, dud
  • Phrases

    not bad
    the bean casserole wasn't bad
    [Antonyms] outstanding
    all right, quite good, good, adequate, acceptable, good enough, reasonable, fair, decent, average, tolerable, passable, middling, moderate, sufficiently good, fine
    informal OK, so-so, fair-to-middling
    North American & Australian/New Zealand informal jake

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