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Synonyms of bind in English:


  • 1 bundles of logs bound together with ropes they bound her hands and feet
    [Antonyms] untie, release
  • 2 Shelley bound up the wound with a clean dressing
  • 3 the experience had bound them together
    unite, join, bond, knit together, draw together, yoke together
    [Antonyms] separate
  • 4 other OPEC members bound themselves to return to the quotas of 1984
    commit oneself, undertake, give an undertaking, pledge;
    vow, promise, swear, give one's word
  • 5 clay is made up chiefly of tiny soil particles which bind together tightly
    stick, cohere
  • 6 a frill with the edges bound in a contrasting colour
    trim, hem, edge, border, fringe, rim, band;
    archaic purfle
  • 7 Sarah did not want to be bound by a rigid timetable
  • noun

    informal Back to top  
  • 1 I know being disturbed on Christmas Day is a bind
    informal pain, pain in the neck, pain in the backside, headache, hassle, drag, aggravation, pest
    North American informal pain in the butt
    Australian informal fair cow
    Australian/New Zealand informal nark
    British vulgar slang pain in the arse
    dated infliction
  • 2 he is in a political bind over the abortion issue
    predicament, awkward situation, quandary, dilemma, plight, difficult situation, cleft stick, mess, quagmire;
    impasse, double bind
    informal spot, tight spot, hole
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