Synonyms of bitch in English:



  • 1 I was always such a bitch to him
    shrew, vixen, she-devil, hellcat
    informal cow, cat
    archaic grimalkin
  • 2 the night shift is a bitch—you're always tired
    informal bastard, bummer, … from hell, swine, pig, stinker
    vulgar slang bugger, sod
  • 3 her number-one bitch is her love life
  • verb

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  • she never bitched about other members of the team
    be spiteful about, criticize, find fault with, run down, cast aspersions on, speak ill of, slander, malign; complain, moan, grumble, grouse, grouch, gripe
    informal whinge, knock, pull to pieces, take apart, do a hatchet job on
    North American informal bad-mouth, trash
    British informal slag off, rubbish
  • Phrases

    bitch something up

    informal make a mess ofmess upspoilruinwreckbotchbunglemishandlemismanage informalmake a hash ofscrew uplouse upmuck upmuffflufffoul upBritish informalmake a muck ofmake a pig's ear ofcock upmake a Horlicks ofNorth American informalflubgoof up vulgar slangfuck upbugger upballs up

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