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Synonyms of bite in English:


  • 1 he bit a mouthful from the sandwich
    sink one's teeth into, chew, munch, crunch, champ, tear at, masticate, eat;
  • 2 the insect does not bite people
    puncture, prick, pierce, sting, wound
  • 3 the acid bites into the copper plate
    corrode, eat into, eat away at, wear away, burn (into), etch, erode, dissolve, destroy, consume
  • 4 my boots failed to bite
    grip, hold, get a purchase
  • 5 there may be popular unrest as free-market measures begin to bite
    take effect, have an effect, be effective, be efficacious, work, function, act, have results, take hold;
    succeed, be successful, work out, go as planned, have the desired effect/result
    informal come off, pay off, do the trick, do the business
    North American informal turn the trick
  • 6 a hundred or so retailers are expected to bite
    accept, go for it, agree, respond;
    be lured, be enticed, be tempted, be allured;
    take the bait, rise to the bait
  • noun

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  • 1 a bite on the ear can be very painful
    nip, snap, chew, munch, nibble, gnaw
  • 2 an insect bite
    puncture, prick, sting, wound
  • 3 Stephen ate a hot dog in three bites
    mouthful, piece, morsel, bit
  • 4 I only have a bite at lunchtime
    snack, light meal, something to eat, mouthful, soupçon, nibbles, titbit, savoury, appetizer;
    informal bite to eat, a little something
    British informal elevenses
  • 5 the appetizer had a fiery bite
    piquancy, pungency, spice, spiciness, saltiness, pepperiness, flavour, flavouring, savour, taste, tastiness, relish, tang, zest, sharpness, tartness, interest, edge, effect, potency
    informal kick, punch, oomph, zing
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