Synonyms of bleed in English:



  • 1 his arm was bleeding badly
    lose blood, haemorrhage
  • 2 the doctor bled him
    draw blood from
    [Antonyms] transfuse
  • 3 one colour bled into another
    flow, run, ooze, seep, trickle, leak, filter, percolate, escape, leach;
    permeate, merge with
  • 4 sap was bleeding from a cut in the trunk
    flow, run, ooze, seep, exude, weep, gush, spurt
  • 5 the country is being bled dry by poachers
    drain, exhaust, sap, deplete, deprive, milk, suck dry, empty, reduce
  • 6 my heart bleeds for them
    grieve, ache, sorrow, be sorrowful, be sad, mourn, be mournful, be distressed, be in distress, be miserable, lament, feel, suffer, agonize, anguish, be in anguish;
    eat one's heart out, weep and wail
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