Synonyms of block in English:



  • 1 a block of cheese a wall of concrete blocks
    chunk, hunk, brick, slab, lump, piece; bar, cake, cube, wedge, mass, wad, slice
    British informal wodge
  • 2 the convent is likely to be transformed into a block of bedsits
    building, complex, structure, development
  • 3 a block of shares
    batch, group, cluster, set, section, quantity, series
  • 4 a sketching block
    pad, notebook, jotter, tablet, sketchbook, scratch pad
  • 5 imperialism is a block to Third World development
    [Antonyms] assistance encouragement
  • 6 a block in the pipe
    blockage, obstruction, stoppage, stopping up, clot, occlusion; impediment, hindrance; congestion
  • verb

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  • 1 weeds can block drainage ditches
    [Antonyms] unblock open
  • 2 picket lines blocked access to the factory
    [Antonyms] help facilitate
  • 3 the defender blocked a shot on the goal line
    parry, stop, defend against, fend off, stave off, turn aside, deflect, hold off, avert, repel, rebuff, repulse, hold/keep at bay
  • Phrases

    block something off

    exits from main roads were blocked off
    [Antonyms] open
    close upbarobstructshut offbarricadeseal

    block something out

  • 1 the towering trees blocked out the light
    conceal, hide, screen, keep out, blot out, exclude; eliminate, obliterate, eradicate, erase, rub out, wipe out, blank out, efface, remove all traces of; halt, stop, deny, suppress, repress
  • 2 I would block out an area and then sketch in the detail
    rough (out), sketch out, trace out, outline, set out, lay out, delineate, draft
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