Synonyms of blur in English:



  • 1 if the ray focus does not fall exactly on the film, the image will be blurred
    make indistinct, make vague, unfocus, soften;
    obscure, dim, fade, make hazy, fog, cloud (over)
    literary bedim, befog, becloud
    archaic blear
    [Antonyms] sharpen, focus
  • 2 such ‘advertorials’ blur the distinction between editorial content and advertising
    make vague, make unclear, make less distinct;
  • 3 memories of the picnic had blurred
    become dim, become less sharp, dull, numb, deaden, lessen, decrease, diminish, reduce, mute, tone down
    [Antonyms] sharpen
  • noun

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  • a blur on the horizon slowly began to take shape
    indistinct shape, hazy shape, vague shape, something indistinct/hazy/vague, haze, cloud, mist, smear, smudge;
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