Synonyms of bound in English:



  • 1 he raised his bound ankles and kicked the door down
  • 2 she was so far ahead that she seemed bound to win
    certain, sure, very likely, destined, predestined, fated
  • 3 you're bound by the Official Secrets Act to keep this to yourselves
    obligated, obliged, under obligation, compelled, required, duty-bound, honour-bound, constrained; pledged, committed
  • 4 religion and morality are bound up with one another
    connected with, linked with, tied up with, united with, allied to, attached to, dependent on, reliant on
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    Synonyms of bound in English:



  • 1 corporate freedom of action is bounded by law
    limit, restrict, confine, cramp, straiten, restrain, circumscribe, demarcate, delimit, define
  • 2 the heath is bounded by a hedge of conifers
  • 3 the garden was bounded on the east by Swan Lane
    border, adjoin, abut, meet, touch; be next to, be adjacent to, be contiguous with, be connected to
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