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Synonyms of brace in English:


  • 1 the saw is best used with a brace
    vice, clamp, press;
  • 2 power drills run at a higher speed than a brace
    drill, drilling tool, boring tool, rotary tool
  • 3 the aquarium is supported by wooden braces
    prop, beam, joist, batten, rod, post, pole, column, strut, stay, support, truss, reinforcement, buttress, shore, stanchion, bracket;
    Mining  sprag
  • 4 he has to wear a brace on his right leg
    support, caliper, truss, surgical appliance
  • 5 he killed a brace of partridges
    rare duplet, dyad, duad, doubleton
  • 6 Printing the first term is within braces
  • verb

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  • 1 the plane's wing is braced by a system of rods
    support, shore up, prop up, hold up, buttress, carry, bear, underpin;
    archaic underprop
  • 2 he braced his hand on the railing
    steady, secure, stabilize, fix, make fast, prop, poise;
    tense, tighten, stiffen, strain
  • 3 you'd better brace yourself for disappointment
    prepare, get ready, make ready, gear up, nerve, steel, galvanize, gird, strengthen, fortify, bolster, buttress
    informal psych oneself up
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