Synonyms of build in English:



  • 1 a small supermarket had been built
    [Antonyms] demolish
  • 2 the kids were building a snowman
  • 3 they are building a business strategy for the next decade
  • Phrases

    build something in/into

    environmental priorities must be built into all economic decision-makingincorporate in/intoinclude inembody inabsorb intosubsume intoassimilate into

    build on

    a case study will be undertaken to build on existing researchexpand onenlarge ondevelopelaborateflesh outadd flesh toadd detail toembellishenhanceamplifyrefineimprovepolishperfect

    build up

    the traffic is steadily building upincreasegrowmount upintensifyescalatestrengthenget stronger

    build something up

  • 1 he built up a huge export business
    establish, set up, form, found, institute, start, begin, bring into being, create, inaugurate, organize; develop, expand, enlarge
  • 2 he built up his stamina by playing football
    boost, strengthen, increase, improve, invigorate, augment, raise, intensify, enhance, escalate, multiply, swell
    informal beef up
  • 3 over the years I have built up a collection of around 1,700 prints
  • noun

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  • police are looking for a man of slim build
    physique, frame, body, figure, form, structure, shape, make-up, formation, stature; proportions
    informal chassis, vital statistics
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