Synonyms of burn in English:



  • 1 the house was burning
    be on fire, be alight, be ablaze, blaze, go up, go up in smoke, be in flames, be aflame; smoulder, glow, flare, flash, flicker
    literary be afire
    archaic be ardent
  • 2 he burned all the letters
    set fire to, set on fire, set alight, set light to, light, set burning, ignite, touch off, put a match to, kindle, incinerate, reduce to ashes, destroy by fire
    informal torch
    archaic fire, inflame
  • 3 I forgot to turn off the iron and nearly burned his dress shirt
    scorch, singe, sear, char, blacken, discolour, brand; scald
    technical cauterize, calcine
    rare torrefy
  • 4 her face burned with humiliation
    be hot, be warm, feel hot, be feverish, be fevered, be on fire; blush, redden, be red, go red, go pink, turn red, turn crimson, turn scarlet, flush, colour, crimson
  • 5 her lip burned where her teeth had pierced it
    smart, sting, tingle, prick, prickle, be irritated, be sore, hurt, be painful, throb, ache
  • 6 Martha was burning with curiosity
    be consumed by/with, be eaten up by/with, be obsessed by/with, be tormented by/with, be bedevilled by
  • 7 he was burning with fury
    seethe, boil, fume, smoulder, simmer, be boiling over, be beside oneself
    informal be livid, be wild, jump up and down, froth/foam at the mouth
  • 8 Meredith burned to know what the secret was
    yearn, long, have a longing, ache, be aching, itch, be itching, desire, be consumed with the desire, want, want badly, be unable to wait, be eager, be desperate, hanker, have a hankering, wish, crave, lust, pant, hunger, be hungry, be greedy, thirst, be thirsty
    informal have a yen, yen, be dying
    archaic be athirst, be desirous
  • 9 people differ considerably in the energy they burn up
    [Antonyms] conserve
  • Phrases

    burn oneself out

    don't burn yourself out or you won't even feel up to making that once-weekly trip
    [Antonyms] be idle
    work too hardwork like a Trojan/horse/slavework/run oneself into the groundwear oneself to a shadowwork one's fingers to the bonedrive oneself into the groundsweatsweat bloodwork day and nightburn the candle at both endsburn the midnight oilovertax oneselfovertax one's strengthkill oneselfdo too muchoverdo itstrain oneselfoverburden oneselfoverload oneselfdrive/push oneself too hard informalknock oneself outwork one's tail off vulgar slangwork/sweat one's balls off

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