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  • 1 he was arrested by the police I broke it by forcing the lid
    through the agency of, by means of, under the aegis of, using, utilizing, employing, with the help of, with the aid of, as a result of, because of, by dint of, by way of, by virtue of, via, through
  • 2 please be there by midday
    no later than, in good time for, at, before
  • 3 the house by the lake
    next to, beside, next door to, alongside, by/at the side of, abreast of, adjacent to, cheek by jowl with, side by side with; near, close to, hard by, nearest to, neighbouring, adjoining, abutting, bordering, overlooking; connected to, connecting with, contiguous with, attached to
  • 4 go by the building
    past, in front of, beyond
  • 5 anything you do is all right by me
    according to, with, as far as … is concerned, concerning
  • Phrases

    by all means

    take your grandmother to see it by all means but she might not thank you for it!certainlyindeedof coursedefinitelywithout (a) doubtwithout questionunquestionablyaffirmative

    by and large

    by and large, all of the chapters follow the same formatlargelymostlymainlyto a large extentto a great extentto a great degreeon the wholechieflygenerallyin generalpredominantlysubstantiallyprimarilyoverallfor the most partin the mainprincipallyin great measurepreponderantlyfirst and foremostfor all intents and purposesbasicallyusuallytypicallycommonly

    by oneself

  • 1 reading by oneself was encouraged only when it was raining
    alone, all alone, on one's own, in a solitary state, singly, separately, solitarily, unaccompanied, companionless, partnerless, unattended, unescorted, unchaperoned, solo
  • 2 there is no possibility of creating anything either by oneself or in conjunction with others
    unaided, unassisted, without help, without assistance, by one's own efforts, under one's own steam, independently, single-handed(ly), solo, on one's own, alone, all alone, off one's own bat, on one's own initiative
  • adverb

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  • people hurried by
    past, on, along, beyond
  • Phrases

    by and by

    by and by you will learn the ropeseventuallyultimatelyfinallyin the endas time goes on/byone daysome daysooner or laterin timein a whileafter a bitin the long runin the fullness of timeat a later timeat a later dateat lengthat a future time/dateat some point in the futurein the futurein time to comein due course

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