Synonyms of clap in English:



  • 1 the crowd clapped and cheered
    applaud, clap one's hands, give someone a round of applause, put one's hands together;
    give someone a standing ovation, applaud someone to the echo
    informal give someone a (big) hand, bring the house down
    North American informal give it up
    [Antonyms] boo, jeer
  • 2 he clapped Owen on the back
    slap, strike, hit, smack, crack, bang, thump, cuff;
    informal whack, thwack, wallop
  • 3 in the old days, they would have clapped you in jail
    fling, cast, put, place
    informal slap, stick
  • 4 the dove clapped its wings
    flap, beat, flutter
  • noun

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  • 1 everybody gave him a clap
    round of applause, hand, handclap;
  • 2 a clap on the shoulder that almost rattled my teeth
  • 3 a clap of thunder
    crack, crash, bang, boom;
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