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  • 8 these secateurs give a clean cut he took a clean catch
    neat, smooth, crisp, straight, accurate, precise, slick; British inch-perfect
    these secateurs give a clean cut he took a clean catch
    [Antonyms] ragged


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come clean

informal I'll have to come clean—that story is only a rumour tell the truthbe completely honesttell allmake a clean breast of itconfessown upadmit guiltadmit to one's actions/crimes/sinsaccept blame/responsibilityplead guilty informalget something off one's chestfess up


clean someone out

informal the fine cleaned him out bankruptruinmake insolventmake pennilesswipe outimpoverishreduce to penury/destitutionbring to ruinbring someone to their kneesbreakcripple rarepauperizebeggar

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