Synonyms of clinical in English:



  • 1 what made it worse was his coldness—he seemed so absolutely serious and clinical
    detached, impersonal, dispassionate, objective, uninvolved, distant, remote, aloof, removed, cold, indifferent, neutral, unsympathetic, unfeeling, unemotional, non-emotional, unsentimental;
    scientific, analytic, rational, logical, hard-headed, sober, businesslike
    [Antonyms] emotional
  • 2 the room was white and clinical
    plain, simple, unadorned, unornamented, unembellished, stark, austere, severe, spartan, ascetic, monastic, bleak, bare, chaste, cheerless;
    functional, basic, institutional, impersonal, characterless, soulless, colourless, antiseptic
    informal no frills
    [Antonyms] luxurious
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