Synonyms of cold in English:



  • 2 I'm very cold
    chilly, chilled, cool, freezing, frozen, frozen stiff, frozen/chilled to the bone/marrow, shivery, numbed, benumbed, suffering from hypothermia, hypothermic, suffering from exposure
    I'm very cold
    [Antonyms] hot


get cold feet

the groom also gets cold feet when he finds out what's been going on hesitatefalterdelaydrag one's feetstallthink twicechange one's mindwaveroscillatefluctuatevacillatebe undecidedbe indecisivebe irresolutesee-sawyo-yoBritishhaverhum and haw informalsit on the fencedilly-dallyshilly-shallypussyfoot aroundblow hot and cold

give someone the cold shoulder

he was given the cold shoulder or treated like a ghost by certain of the dealers
[Antonyms] acknowledge
snubignoreslightspurnshundisdainlook right throughlook pastturn one's back oncold-shoulderfreeze outsteer clear ofBritishsend to Coventry informalgive someone the brush-offcutcut deadknock backgive someone the go-byBritish informalblank

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cryo- related prefix, as in cryogenics , cryobiology
cheimaphobia fear of cold

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