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Synonyms of collapse in English:


  • 1 the roof collapsed
    cave in, fall in, subside, fall down, sag, slump, settle, give, give way, crumble, crumple, disintegrate, fall to pieces, come apart
    [Antonyms] hold up
  • 2 he collapsed from loss of blood
    faint, pass out, black out, lose consciousness, fall unconscious, keel over
    informal flake out, conk out, go out
    literary swoon
  • 3 she collapsed in tears
    break down, go to pieces, lose control, lose one's self-control, be overcome (with emotion), crumble, fall apart
    informal crack up
  • 4 the peace talks collapsed
    break down, fail, fall through, fold, founder, fall flat, miscarry, go wrong, come to nothing, come to grief, be frustrated, be unsuccessful, not succeed, disintegrate;
    come to a halt, end, terminate
    informal flop, fizzle out, flatline
    [Antonyms] succeed
  • noun

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  • 1 the collapse of the roof
  • 2 she was reported to be ‘poorly’ after her collapse on stage yesterday
    fainting fit, blackout, fainting, faint, passing out, loss of consciousness
    informal flaking out
    literary swooning, swoon
    Medicine  syncope
  • 3 the collapse of the peace talks
    [Antonyms] outcome, success
  • 4 he suffered a collapse from overwork
    breakdown, attack, seizure, prostration, nervous breakdown, nervous/mental collapse, nervous exhaustion, nervous tension, crisis, personal crisis, psychological trauma
    informal crack-up
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