Synonyms of comfortable in English:



  • 1 a comfortable lifestyle
    pleasant, free from hardship, well off, well-to-do, affluent, luxurious, gracious, opulent, elegant
    [Antonyms] hard
  • 2 a comfortable room
    cosy, snug, warm, pleasant, enjoyable, agreeable, congenial, plush, well furnished;
    sheltered, secure, safe, restful, homelike, homely
    informal comfy
    [Antonyms] spartan
  • 3 comfortable clothes
    loose, loose-fitting, casual, roomy, soft, slouchy
    informal comfy
    [Antonyms] uncomfortable, tight
  • 4 a comfortable pace
    leisurely, unhurried, relaxed, unrushed, easy, easy-going, gentle, sedate, restful, effortless, undemanding, slow, plodding, lazy, dawdling, loitering, lingering;
    measured, steady
    informal laid-back
    [Antonyms] frenetic
  • 5 they appear very comfortable in each other's company
    at ease, at one's ease, relaxed, reassured, confident, secure, safe, serene, tranquil, unworried, contented, happy
    [Antonyms] vulnerable, threatened, unsettled, tense
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