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Synonyms of competent in English:


  • 1 he's an extremely competent carpenter
    efficient, good, excellent, brilliant
    informal great, mean, wicked, deadly, nifty, crack, ace, wizard, magic
    North American informal crackerjack
    vulgar slang shit-hot
    archaic or humorous compleat
    rare habile
    [Antonyms] incompetent
  • 2 she spoke quite competent French
    adequate, acceptable, satisfactory, reasonable, fair, decent, good enough, sufficiently good, not bad, all right, average, tolerable, passable, moderate, middling;
    informal OK, okay, so-so, fair-to-middling, up to snuff
    [Antonyms] inadequate
  • 3 the court determined that it was not competent to hear the case
    fit, fitted, equipped, suitable, suited, appropriate;
    qualified, empowered, authorized
    [Antonyms] unfit
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    competent, capable, efficient, able
    These words are all used to express approval of people who are good at what they do.Someone described as competent has the necessary skill or knowledge to perform a particular task or fulfil a particular role ( a team of competent trainers | he has been pronounced competent to drive). Alternatively, they may have the general skill and intelligence to cope with any task ( he is the most experienced and competent man around). When applied to people engaged in an artistic activity, competent may convey mere technical proficiency, contrasted with brilliance or genius ( she was never more than a competent actress).Describing someone as capable conveys a sense of confidence that any task entrusted to them will be done reliably and well. The word suggests not only competence but also a practicality and organization which ensure that everything that is necessary will be done ( he left the management of their lives largely to his highly capable wife). It is also used to refer to a specific quality or ability ( I've got players here capable of playing for England).An efficient person does whatever they have to do quickly and well and without wasting any effort ( he had a most efficient young secretary | teachers become more efficient at writing objectives the more they practise).Describing someone as able emphasizes the intellectual capacity or the talent that makes them good at what they do ( the department attracts able students from across the country). Like capable, able can also refer to a more specific capacity ( if anything went wrong I wouldn't be able to cope).
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