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Synonyms of cover in English:


  • 1 Jack covered the children with the blanket
    put something on top of, place something over, place under cover;
    protect, shield, shelter;
    envelop, enfold, engulf, enclose, tuck, cup, surround, house, sink, embed, bury, submerge, immerse
    [Antonyms] reveal
  • 2 his car was covered in mud
    cake, coat, encrust, plaster, spread thickly, smother, daub, smear, bedaub, overspread
    literary besmear
  • 3 snow covered the fields
    blanket, overlay, overspread, carpet, overlie, extend over, layer, coat, film, submerge
    literary mantle, pave
  • 4 the scheme covers six local libraries
  • 5 the trial was covered by a range of newspapers
    report, write up, write about, describe, commentate on, tell of, write/give an account of, publish/broadcast details of, investigate, look into, enquire into
  • 6 he turned on the radio to cover their conversation
    mask, disguise, obscure, hide, stop something being overheard, muffle, stifle, smother;
    camouflage, blot out, cloak, veil, shroud, swathe, secrete, envelop
    literary enshroud
  • 7 if the sergeant wants to know where you are, I'll cover for you
    give an alibi to, provide with an alibi, shield, protect
    informal alibi
    [Antonyms] give away
  • 8 they could train an extra secretary to cover for others who are on holiday or sick leave
    stand in for, fill in for, act as stand-in for, deputize for, act as deputy for, substitute for, act as substitute for, take over from, double for, be a substitute for;
    replace, relieve, take the place of, act in place of, do duty for, do a locum for, be a locum for, sit in for, understudy;
    hold the fort, step into the breach
    North American informal pinch-hit for
  • 9 can you make enough to cover your costs?
    offset, counterbalance, balance, cancel out, make up for, pay back, pay, pay for, be enough for, fund, finance, make up, have enough money for, provide for
  • 10 your home is covered against damage and loss
    insure, protect, secure, underwrite, provide insurance for, assure, indemnify
  • 11 we covered ten miles each day
    travel, journey, go, do, put behind one, get under one's belt, travel over, pass over, journey over/across, traverse, cross, go across, make one's way across, range/tramp over
  • Phrases

    cover something up
    the government has repeatedly tried to cover up the army's role
    [Antonyms] expose


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  • 1 a dust cover for the keyboard
  • 2 a book cover
    binding, case;
  • 3 (covers) she pulled the covers up over her head
  • 5 panicking onlookers ran for cover
    shelter, protection, refuge, hiding, concealment, housing, sanctuary;
    shield, defence, haven, hiding place
  • 6 there is considerable game cover around the lake
    undergrowth, vegetation, shrubbery, greenery, ground cover, underwood, copsewood, brushwood, brush, scrub, underscrub;
    woodland, forest, jungle;
    covert, thicket, copse, coppice;
    North American  underbrush, underbush, shin-tangle
    British dialect frith
    archaic rone
    rare herbage, verdure
  • 7 the company was a cover for an international swindle
    front, facade, smokescreen, screen, blind, deception, camouflage, disguise, mask, cloak, pretext, masquerade, feint
  • 8British your policy already provides cover against damage by subsidence
    insurance, protection, security, assurance, indemnification, indemnity, compensation
  • 9 the information you requested is being sent under separate cover
    envelope, wrapper, package;
    wrapping, packaging
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