Synonyms of crop in English:



  • 1 some farmers lost their entire crop
    harvest, year's growth, yield, produce, vintage, gathering, reaping, gleaning, garnering; fruits
  • 2 this month has brought a bumper crop of mail
    batch, lot, assortment, selection, collection, supply, intake
  • 3 the fruit got wedged in the bird's crop
    craw, maw, gullet, throat; oesophagus, pharynx
    informal , dated the red lane
    archaic throttle, gorge, gula
  • 4 the rider picked up his hat and crop
  • verb

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  • 1 Sharon chose to crop her long brown hair
    cut short, cut, clip, trim, snip, shear, shave; pare, prune, fleece, lop, dock, remove, detach; cut off, hack off, chop off, take off; shorten, make shorter, cut shorter, cut into a bob; barber, tonsure
  • 2 a flock of sheep were cropping the turf
    graze on, browse on, feed on, nibble (at), eat; pasture, ruminate
  • 3 the hay was cropped several times this summer
    harvest, reap, mow; gather, collect, pick, pluck; gather in, take in, bring home
    literary glean, garner, cull
  • Phrases

    crop up

    things kept cropping up to delay their workhappenoccurarisearriveturn upspring uppop upsurfaceemergematerializeappearcome to lightpresent itselfmake an appearance informalshow up literarycome to passbefall archaichap

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