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Synonyms of crush in English:


  • 1 essential oils in the leaves are released when the herbs are crushed or heated
    pulp, mash, macerate, mangle;
    informal squidge, splat
    North American informal smush
  • 2 your dress will get crushed
    [Antonyms] smooth out
  • 3 crush the biscuits with a rolling pin crushed stone
    pulverize, pound, grind, break up, smash, shatter, crumble, crunch, splinter;
    technical triturate, comminute
    archaic bray, levigate, powderize
    rare kibble
  • 4 he crushed her in his arms
    hug, squeeze, hold tight, clutch;
  • 5 the new regime ruthlessly crushed all popular uprisings
    suppress, put down, quell, quash, squash, stamp out, put an end to, put a stop to, overcome, overpower, defeat, extinguish, vanquish, triumph over, break, bring someone to their knees, repress, subdue
  • 6 the England No 1 was crushed 15–7, 15–6, 15–6
    defeat utterly, beat hollow, win a resounding victory over, drub, rout, give someone a drubbing, overwhelm
    informal hammer, clobber, thrash, paste, give someone a pasting, whip, pound, pulverize, demolish, destroy, wipe the floor with, take to the cleaners, make mincemeat of, annihilate, slaughter, murder, massacre, crucify, flatten, turn inside out, run rings around
    British informal stuff, marmalize
    North American informal shellac, blow out, cream, skunk
    US informal own
    [Antonyms] lose, be defeated
  • 7 Alan was crushed by her words
    mortify, humiliate, abash, chagrin, deflate, demoralize, flatten, squash;
    devastate, shatter
    informal put down, shoot down in flames, take down a peg or two, cut down to size, put someone in their place, make someone eat humble pie, settle someone's hash, knock the stuffing out of
    North American informal make someone eat crow
  • noun

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  • 1 we were caught up in the crush of people
    crowd, throng, horde, swarm, sea, mass, pack, press, multitude, mob;
    jam, congestion
    archaic rout
  • 2 informal it was just a teenage crush
    infatuation, obsession, love, passion, passing fancy
    rare mash
  • 3 lemon crush
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