Synonyms of daydream in English:



  • 1 she was lost in a daydream
    reverie, trance, fantasy, vision, fancy, hallucination, musing, brown study, imagining; inattention, inattentiveness, wool-gathering, preoccupation, brooding, obliviousness, engrossment, absorption, self-absorption, absent-mindedness, absence of mind, staring into space, abstraction, lack of concentration, lack of application; Scottishdwam
    humorous blonde moment
    [Antonyms] concentration
  • 2 the thought of living in a mews cottage had been one of her daydreams
    dream, pipe dream, fantasy, figment of the imagination, unrealizable dream, castle in the air, castle in Spain; wishful thinking; fond hopes, wishes
    informal pie in the sky
  • verb

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  • stop daydreaming and pay attention
    dream, muse, be lost in thought, be in a brown study, stare into space, hallucinate; fantasize, indulge in fantasy, indulge in fancy, indulge in wool-gathering, be in cloud cuckoo land, be unrealistic, build castles in the air, build castles in Spain
    [Antonyms] concentrate focus
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