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Synonyms of deal in English:


  • it may be some weeks before completion of the deal
  • Phrases

    a great deal/a good deal
    the team have achieved a great deal she is under a good deal of pressure
    [Antonyms] very little
    a lot, a great amount, a large amount, a fair amount, much, plenty
    British informal a shedload
    vulgar slang a shitload
    North American vulgar slang an assload


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  • 1 they got advice on how to deal with difficult children
    cope with, handle, manage, attend to, see to, take care of, take charge of, take in hand, sort out, tackle, take on;
    control, master, influence, manipulate
  • 2 the article deals with recent advances in chemistry
    concern, be about, be concerned with, concern itself with, have to do with, discuss, consider, cover, treat of, pertain to, appertain to;
    archaic regard
  • 3 the security forces deal firmly with demonstrators
    treat, handle, serve, use;
    act towards, behave towards, conduct oneself towards
  • 4 the company deals in high-tech goods
    trade in, buy and sell, be concerned with trading, be engaged in trading, do business in;
    sell, vend, purvey, supply, stock, offer, offer for sale, have for sale, peddle, market, merchandise;
    traffic in, smuggle, run, rustle
    informal push
    British informal flog
  • 5 the cards were dealt for the last hand
    distribute, give out, share out, divide out, divide up, hand out, pass out, pass round, dole out, mete out, dispense, allocate, allot, assign, apportion, bestow
    informal divvy up
  • 6 the appeal court dealt a blow to government reforms
    deliver, administer, dispense, inflict, give, impose;
    direct, aim
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