Synonyms of desert in English:

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desert 1

Pronunciation: stress on the second syllable


  • 1 his wife had deserted him
    abandon, leave, give up, cast off, turn one's back on;
    neglect, shun;
    leave high and dry, leave in the lurch, leave behind, strand, leave stranded, maroon;
    relinquish, renounce
    British informal give someone the push, give someone the big E, bin off
    archaic forsake
    [Antonyms] stand by
  • 2 his allies were quite capable of deserting the cause when it suited them
    renounce, renege on, repudiate, forswear, relinquish, wash one's hands of, have no more truck with, have done with, abjure, disavow;
    abandon, turn one's back on, betray;
    archaic forsake
    rare disprofess
  • 3 soldiers deserted in droves
    abscond, defect, run away, make off, decamp, flee, fly, bolt, turn tail, go absent without leave, take French leave, depart, quit, escape
    informal go AWOL
    [Antonyms] stay
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    Synonyms of desert in English:

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    desert 2
    Pronunciation: stress on the first syllable


  • 1 the desert of the Sinai peninsula
    wasteland, waste, wilderness, wilds, dust bowl, barren land
  • 2 a cultural desert
    uninteresting place/period, unproductive place/period, wasteland
  • adjective

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  • 1 animals have overgrazed the area, creating desert conditions
    [Antonyms] fertile
  • 2 a desert island
    uninhabited, empty, solitary, lonely, desolate, bleak, dismal, waste;
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