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Synonyms of dim in English:


  • 1 the stage lighting was extremely dim
    faint, weak, feeble, soft, pale, dull, dingy, subdued, muted, flat, lustreless
    informal wishy-washy
    [Antonyms] bright
  • 2 it was a dim, grey day he left her in a dim room
    [Antonyms] bright
  • 3 he glimpsed dim shapes through the foliage
    indistinct, ill-defined, unclear, vague, shadowy, imperceptible, nebulous, obscured, blurred, blurry, fuzzy, bleary
    rare obfuscated
    [Antonyms] distinct
  • 4 he had only dim memories of his late father
    [Antonyms] clear
  • 5 informal I expect you think I'm awfully dim See stupid
  • 6 their prospects for the future looked fairly dim
    [Antonyms] encouraging
  • verb

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  • 1 she insisted the lights be dimmed
    turn down, lower, dip;
    make dim, make faint, make less bright, make less intense, soften, subdue, mute
    literary bedim
    [Antonyms] turn up
  • 2 wait until the gas lamps dim
    grow faint, grow feeble, grow dim, fade, dull
  • 3 the skies dimmed
    grow dark, darken, blacken, cloud over, become overcast, grow leaden, lour, become gloomy
    [Antonyms] brighten
  • 4 my memories have not dimmed with the passage of time
    fade, become vague, become indistinct, grow dim, blur, become blurred, become shadowy, become confused;
    [Antonyms] sharpen
  • 5 the fighting dimmed hopes of peace
    diminish, reduce, lessen, weaken, fade, make faint, undermine, impair
    [Antonyms] increase
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