Synonyms of discount in English:



  • stress on the first syllable many rail commuters will get a discount on next year's season tickets
    reduction, deduction, markdown, price cut, cut, lower price, cut price, concession, concessionary price;
  • verb

    Pronunciation: stress on the second syllable
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  • 1 I'd heard rumours, but discounted them
    disregard, pay no attention to, take no notice of, take no account of, pass over, overlook, dismiss, ignore, brush off, gloss over;
    disbelieve, give no credence to, reject, pooh-pooh
    [Antonyms] believe
  • 2 top Paris hotels discounted 20 per cent off published room rates
    deduct, take off, rebate
    informal knock off, slash
    [Antonyms] add
  • 3 a recommended retail price of £82.95, but you'll find it discounted in many stores
    reduce, mark down, cut, lower, lessen
    informal knock down
    [Antonyms] put up, increase
  • 4 many titles are discounted by up to 40 per cent on the publishers' price
    mark down, reduce, put on sale
    [Antonyms] mark up
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