Synonyms of dissociate in English:



  • the word ‘spiritual’ has become dissociated from religion
    separate, detach, disconnect, sever, cut off, divorce, set apart, segregate, distinguish; isolate, alienate
    [Antonyms] relate connect
  • Phrases

    dissociate oneself from

  • 1 he dissociated himself from the Church of England
    break away from, break off relations with, end relations with, sever connections with; withdraw from, delink from, quit, leave, disaffiliate from, resign from, pull out of, drop out of, have nothing more to do with, part company with, defect, desert, secede from, take one's leave of, become estranged from
    [Antonyms] join
  • 2 the French president dissociated himself from the statement
    denounce, disown, reject, condemn, disagree with, wash one's hands of, distance oneself from
    [Antonyms] endorse support
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