Synonyms of draw in English:



  • 1 he drew the house in his notebook
    sketch, make a drawing (of), make a diagram (of), pencil; portray, depict, delineate, outline, draft, rough out, illustrate, render, represent, trace, map out, mark out, plot, chart, design; do drawings
    literary limn
  • 2 she drew her chair in to the table
    pull, haul, drag, tug, heave, trail, trawl, tow; Irishstreel
    informal yank, lug
    archaic hale
    [Antonyms] push
  • 3 the train drew into Victoria Station
    move, go, come, walk, proceed, progress, travel, continue, advance, get, make it, make one's way, pass, make a move, drive; crawl, creep, inch, roll, glide, cruise, drift, nose; sneak, steal, slip, slink, sidle; bear, press, blow, forge, sweep, lurch, be carried; back; budge, stir, shift, change position
    rare locomote
  • 4 the nurse drew the curtains
    close, shut, pull together, pull shut, pull to, draw to, lower; open, part, pull back, pull open, fling open, raise
  • 5 he drew some fluid off the knee joint
    drain, extract, withdraw, remove, suck, pump, siphon, milk, bleed, tap, void, filter, pour, tip, discharge, transfer
  • 6 he drew his gun and fired
    [Antonyms] put away, put up
  • 7 I drew £50 out of the bank
    withdraw, take out
    [Antonyms] deposit
  • 8 while I draw breath
  • 9 she was drawing huge audiences he drew the attention of millions of viewers
    attract, interest, win, capture, catch the eye of, catch, catch hold of, hold, grip, engage, allure, lure, entice, invite; absorb, occupy, rivet, engross, fascinate, mesmerize, hypnotize, spellbind, bewitch, captivate, entrance, enthral, enrapture
  • 10 what conclusion can we draw?
    deduce, infer, conclude, derive, gather, glean
    formal educe
  • Phrases

    draw lots

    See lot

    draw on

    we can draw on centuries of experiencecall onhave recourse toavail oneself ofturn tolook tofall back onrely onmake use ofexploituseemployutilizebring into play

    draw something out

  • 1 he drew out a gun See sense 6 of the verb
  • 2 they always drew their parting out
    prolong, protract, drag out, stretch out, spin out, string out, make something go on and on, extend, extend the duration of, lengthen, carry on, keep going, keep alive, continue
    archaic wire-draw
  • draw someone out

    show an interest in other people, draw them out with questionsget/persuade/encourage someone to talkput someone at their ease

    draw up

    a car drew up beside usstoppull upcome to a stop/halthaltcome to a standstillbrakeparkarrive

    draw something up

  • 1 the police drew up a list of five or six suspects
  • 2 he drew up his forces in battle array
    arrange, marshal, muster, assemble, group, order, range, rank, line up, parade, place, dispose, position, put into position, set out, array, set forth
  • noun

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  • 1 she won first prize in the Christmas draw
    raffle, lottery, sweepstake, sweep, tombola, ballot
    British trademark Instants
    North Americanlotto, numbers game/pool/racket; Australian/New Zealandtote, pakapoo
  • 2 the match ended in a draw
    tie, dead heat, stalemate
  • 3 the draw of central London is considerable
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