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  • 3 the train drew into Victoria Station
    move, go, come, walk, proceed, progress, travel, continue, advance, get, make it, make one's way, pass, make a move, drive; crawl, creep, inch, roll, glide, cruise, drift, nose; sneak, steal, slip, slink, sidle; bear, press, blow, forge, sweep, lurch, be carried; back; budge, stir, shift, change position
    rare locomote
  • 4 the nurse drew the curtains
    close, shut, pull together, pull shut, pull to, draw to, lower; open, part, pull back, pull open, fling open, raise
  • 5 he drew some fluid off the knee joint
    drain, extract, withdraw, remove, suck, pump, siphon, milk, bleed, tap, void, filter, pour, tip, discharge, transfer
  • 7 I drew £50 out of the bank
    withdraw, take out
    I drew £50 out of the bank
    [Antonyms] deposit
  • 10 what conclusion can we draw?
    deduce, infer, conclude, derive, gather, glean
    formal educe


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draw lots

See lot

draw on

we can draw on centuries of experience call onhave recourse toavail oneself ofturn tolook tofall back onrely onmake use ofexploituseemployutilizebring into play

draw something out

draw someone out

show an interest in other people, draw them out with questions get/persuade/encourage someone to talkput someone at their ease

draw up

a car drew up beside us stoppull upcome to a stop/halthaltcome to a standstillbrakeparkarrive

draw something up

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