Synonyms of drink in English:



  • 1 she drank her coffee
    swallow, gulp down, quaff, swill, guzzle, sup; imbibe, partake of, sip, consume, take; drain, toss off
    informal swig, down, knock back, put away, sink, kill, slug, inhale, wet one's whistle
    British informal neck
    North American informal scarf (down/up), snarf (down/up), chug
  • 2 a churchgoing man who never drank
    drink alcohol, take alcohol, tipple, indulge; be a serious/heavy/hard drinker, be an alcoholic, binge-drink; carouse, go drinking
    informal take a drop, hit the bottle, take to the bottle, booze, knock a few back, have a few, have one over the eight, tank up, get tanked up, drink like a fish, go on a binge/bender
    British informal bevvy
    North American informal bend one's elbow, lush
    archaic wassail, tope
    [Antonyms] be teetotal be on the wagon
  • 3 let's drink to the success of our venture
    toast, propose a toast to, wish success/luck/health to, salute
  • Phrases

    drink something in

    he drank in the details of the crimeabsorbassimilatedigestingesttake inbe absorbed inbe immersed inbe rapt inbe lost inbe fascinated bypay close attention to


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  • 1 he took another sip of his drink
    beverage, drinkable/potable liquid, liquid refreshment, thirst quencher; dram, bracer, nightcap, nip, tot, spot; North Americaneye-opener; Scottish & Irishdeoch an doris
    British informal cuppa, pint
  • 2 he sought refuge in drink because of his loneliness
    alcohol, liquor, intoxicating liquor, alcoholic drink, strong drink, intoxicants
    British informal wallop, bevvy
  • 3 she took a drink of her wine
    swallow, gulp, sip, draught, swill
    informal swig, slug
    North American informal chug
  • 4 she asked if she could have a drink of orange juice
    glass, cup, mug
  • 5 (the drink) informal he heaved the outboard motor into the drink
    the sea, the ocean, the water
    literary the deep
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    potophobia fear of drink

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