Synonyms of drum in English:



  • 1 the steady drum of raindrops
  • 2 a drum of radioactive waste
    canister, barrel, cylinder, tank, bin, can; container, receptacle, holder, vessel, repository
  • verb

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  • 1 she drummed her fingers on the desktop
    tap, beat, rap, knock, strike, thud, thump, hit; tattoo, thrum
  • 2 an unwritten law which was drummed into us at school
    instil, drive, drive home, din, hammer, drill, drub, implant, ingrain, inculcate; teach over and over again, indoctrinate, brainwash
  • Phrases

    drum someone out

    he was drummed out of officeexpel fromdismiss fromdischarge fromthrow out ofoust fromdrive out ofget rid ofthrust out ofpush out ofexclude frombanish from Militarycashier informalgive someone the bootboot outkick outgive someone their marching ordersgive someone the bulletgive someone the pushshow someone the doorsend packing

    drum something up

    he was drumming up business for his new investment companyround upgathercollectsummonobtaingetattractcanvasssolicitpetitionbid for

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    drummer, timpanist, percussionist player of drums

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