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Synonyms of dry in English:


  • 1 the dry desert lay behind
    arid, parched, scorched, baked, burned, dried up/out, torrid, hot, sizzling, burning;
    dehydrated, desiccated;
    as dry as a bone, bone dry, as dry as dust
    rare droughty, torrefied
    [Antonyms] wet
  • 2 the crackle of dry leaves
    [Antonyms] fresh
  • 3 the hamburgers were dry
    hard, hardened, dried out, stale, old, past its best, past its sell-by date, off
    [Antonyms] fresh, moist
  • 4 the river is dry a dry well
    waterless, dried out, empty
  • 5 I brought a few beers in case you got dry
    thirsty, dehydrated, longing for a drink
    informal parched, gasping
  • 6 it was dry work
    thirst-making, thirst-provoking, thirsty, hot, strenuous, arduous, heavy, tiring, exhausting
  • 7 a piece of dry toast
  • 8 the story brings the dry facts to life
    bare, simple, basic, fundamental, stark, naked, bald, cold, hard, straightforward;
    [Antonyms] embellished
  • 9 a dry debate on science policy
    unimaginative, sterile, flat, bland, insipid, lacklustre, stodgy, colourless, lifeless, prosaic, run-of-the-mill, humdrum, mundane, commonplace, workaday, quotidian, routine, vapid;
    stiff, leaden, wooden
    informal deadly
    British informal samey
    Scottish informal dreich
    [Antonyms] interesting, lively
  • 10 he's got a dry sense of humour
    wry, subtle, low-key, laconic, sly, sharp;
    deadpan, straight-faced, poker-faced;
    ironic, sardonic, sarcastic, cynical, mordant, biting;
    satirical, mocking, scoffing, droll, waggish
    British informal sarky
  • 11 he was nonplussed by this dry response to his cordial advance
    [Antonyms] emotional, expressive
  • 12 sorry, this is a dry state she has been dry for almost a year
  • 13 dry white wine
    crisp, sharp, piquant, not sweet, tart, bitter
    [Antonyms] sweet
  • 14British they deliberately selected dry candidates
    Economics  supply-side
    informal true-blue
    [Antonyms] wet, left-wing
  • verb

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  • 1 the hot sun had dried the ground again
    make dry, dry out/up, parch, scorch, sear, bake;
    [Antonyms] moisten
  • 2 dry the leaves and break them into small pieces
    dry up, dehydrate, desiccate;
    wither, shrivel, wilt, wizen, mummify
    [Antonyms] moisten
  • 3 I saw you drying your hair he dried the dishes
    dry off, towel, rub;
  • 4 she dried her eyes
    wipe, wipe tears from, rub, dab
  • 5 there are various methods of drying meat
    desiccate, dehydrate, remove the moisture from;
  • Phrases

    dry out
    he has spent periods drying out in a clinic
    give up drinking, give up alcohol, become teetotal, overcome alcoholism, take the pledge
    informal go on the wagon
    dry up
  • 1 informal then he dried up, and Phil couldn't get another word out of him
    stop speaking/talking, fall silent, say no more, shut up;
    forget one's lines/words
    informal belt up, put a sock in it
  • 2 foreign investment may dry up
    dwindle, wane, disappear, fail, vanish, subside, peter out, fade (away), die away/out/off, taper off, trail away/off, ebb, melt away, evaporate, come to nothing, come to a halt/an end, run out, give out;
    become unproductive, grow barren/sterile, cease to yield
    [Antonyms] continue
  • noun

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  • on economic policy he is a dry
    [Antonyms] wet, left-winger
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    xero- related prefix, as in xeroderma, xerography
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