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Synonyms of eat in English:


  • 1 we ate a hearty breakfast and then set off
    swallow, chew, munch, chomp, champ
    informal guzzle, nosh, put away, pack away, tuck into, tuck away, scoff (down), demolish, dispose of, make short work of, polish off, shovel down, get stuck into, stuff one's face with, stuff down, pig out on, sink, get outside of, get one's laughing gear round
    British informal gollop, shift
    North American informal scarf (down/up), snarf (down/up), inhale
    [Antonyms] starve, fast
  • 2 we ate at a local restaurant
    have a meal, partake of food, take food, consume food, feed;
    breakfast, lunch, dine, have breakfast, have lunch, have dinner, have supper;
    feast, banquet
    informal snack, graze, nosh
    dated sup, break bread
  • 3 acidic water can eat away at concrete pipes
    erode, corrode, abrade, wear away (at), wear down, wear through, gnaw away (at), bite into, burn into, burn through, consume, dissolve, disintegrate, crumble, waste away, rot, decay;
    damage, destroy, spoil
  • Phrases

    eat one's heart out
    See heart
    eat up
    he ate up all the French fries See sense 1

    Word links

    -phagous related suffix, as in anthropophagous
    -vorous related suffix, as in carnivorous
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