Synonyms of egg in English:



  • ovum, gamete, germ cell, zygote
    informal nit
    Australian informal goog
    (eggs)clutch, roe, spawn, seed, flyblow
  • Phrases

    bad egg

    he assured my parents that I'm not a bad egg See scoundrel


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    egg someone on

    ‘Teach him a lesson’, shouted the boys, egging their friend on
    urge, goad, incite, provoke, prick, sting, propel, push, drive, prod, prompt, induce, impel, spur on, cheer on;
    encourage, exhort, stimulate, motivate, galvanize, act as a stimulus to, act as an incentive to, inspire, stir
    North American informal root on, light a fire under

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    oval, ovate1, ovoid egg-shaped
    oology study or collecting of birds' eggs

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