Synonyms of evasion in English:



  • 1 her quick-witted evasion of an assassination attempt
    avoidance, dodging, eluding, elusion, sidestepping, bypassing, circumvention, shunning, shirking; getting out of, finding a way round
    informal ducking, the go-by
    archaic bilking
    [Antonyms] confrontation
  • 2 she grew tired of all the evasion
    prevarication, evasiveness, beating about the bush, hedging, fencing, shilly-shallying, shuffling, dodging the issue, dodging, sidestepping the issue, sidestepping, pussyfooting, equivocation, vagueness, quibbling, cavilling, temporization, stalling, stalling for time; Britishhumming and hawing
    informal ducking, ducking the issue
    [Antonyms] directness
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