Synonyms of fair in English:

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fair 1


  • 1 the courts were generally regarded as fair
    [Antonyms] unfair
  • 2 I am hoping for fair weather for next week's trip
    fine, dry, bright, clear, sunny, sunshiny, sunlit, cloudless, without a cloud in the sky;
    warm, balmy, summery, clement, benign, agreeable, pleasant, good
    [Antonyms] inclement
  • 3 their voyage was helped by fair winds and calm seas
    favourable, advantageous, helpful, benign, beneficial;
    opportune, timely;
    on one's side, in one's favour
    [Antonyms] unfavourable
  • 4 she had fair curling hair
    blond(e), yellow, yellowish, golden, flaxen, light, light brown, light-coloured, strawberry blonde, tow-coloured, platinum, ash blonde, bleached, bleached-blonde, sun-bleached, peroxide, bottle-blonde;
    [Antonyms] dark, brunette
  • 5 Belinda's skin was very fair
    [Antonyms] dark
  • 6 archaic he won the fair maiden's heart See beautiful
  • 7 scoring twenty points was a fair achievement
    informal OK, okay, so-so, fair-to-middling
  • Phrases

    fair and square
    I won the race fair and square
    honestly, fairly, without cheating, without foul play, by the book, according to the rules, in accordance with the rules;
    lawfully, legally, licitly, legitimately
    informal on the level
    North American informal on the up and up
    fair play
    she had a clear sense of fair play
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    Synonyms of fair in English:

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    fair 2


  • 1 an English country fair
    fete, gala, festival, carnival, funfair
  • 2 a local antiques fair
    market, bazaar, mart, exchange, sale;
    open-air market, indoor market, flea market
    archaic emporium
  • 3 Manchester is to host a new British art fair
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