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Synonyms of fearful in English:


  • 1 they are fearful of being overheard by the enemy
    afraid, frightened, scared, scared stiff, scared to death, terrified, petrified;
    alarmed, panicky, nervous, tense, apprehensive, uneasy, hesitant, disquieted, worried, worried sick, anxious;
    British  nervy
    informal jittery, jumpy, in a (blue) funk
    dialect  frit
    archaic afeared, affrighted
  • 2 the guards were ill trained and fearful
    British  nervy
    informal jittery, jumpy, twitchy, keyed up, yellow, chicken, in a cold sweat, a bundle of nerves, like a cat on a hot tin roof, frightened of one's own shadow
    North American informal spooked, spooky, antsy
  • 3 there has been a fearful accident
    terrible, dreadful, awful, appalling, frightful, ghastly, horrific, horrible, horrifying, horrendous, very bad, terribly bad, shocking, atrocious, abominable, hideous, monstrous, dire, grim, unspeakable, gruesome, grievous, lamentable, distressing, harrowing, alarming
    [Antonyms] minor
  • 4 informal he was in a fearful hurry
    very great, great, extreme, real, dreadful
    informal terrible, impossible
    British informal right, proper
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