Synonyms of figure in English:



  • 1 the production figure is down 27 per cent
    statistic, number, integer, quantity, amount, level, total, sum; (figures)data, information, particulars
  • 2 the second figure was a nine
    digit, numeral, numerical symbol, character
    rare cipher
  • 3 he can't put a figure on how much this is going to cost
    price, cost, amount, quantity, value, valuation, quotation, quote, rate; total, sum, aggregate
    informal , humorous damage
  • 4 (figures) I'm good at figures
    arithmetic, mathematics, sums, calculations, reckoning, computation, numbers, statistics, counting
    British informal maths
    North American informal math
  • 5 her petite, curvaceous figure
  • 6 a dark figure emerged from the shadows
  • 7 a figure of authority
    person, personage, individual, man, woman, character, personality, presence; representative, embodiment, personification, epitome, symbol, representation, exemplification, exemplar
  • 8 the show features life-size figures
    human representation, image of a person, effigy; likeness
  • 9 the figure that is formed when a smaller square is cut out of a large square
    shape, pattern, design, motif, device, depiction
  • 10 this structure is shown in figure 4
    diagram, illustration, drawing, picture, plate, graphic, sketch, chart, plan, map
  • verb

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  • 1 an awesome beast who figured in Egyptian legend
    feature, appear, be featured/mentioned, be referred to; participate, play a part, play a role, be conspicuous, have prominence, have a place; star
  • 2 a way to figure the values
    calculate, work out, total, sum, reckon, compute, enumerate, determine, evaluate, quantify, assess, count, add up, put a figure on, tally, totalize, gauge; Britishtot up
    rare cast
  • 3North American informal I figured that I didn't have much of a chance
    suppose, think, believe, fancy, consider, expect, take it, suspect, have a sneaking suspicion, sense; assume, dare say, conclude, take it as read, presume, be of the opinion, trust; deduce, infer, gather, glean, divine; North Americanguess
  • 4North American informal ‘Rosemary's away.’ ‘That figures.’
    make sense, be understandable, seem reasonable, stand to reason, be to be expected, be logical, follow, add up, stand up, hold up; ring true, be convincing; be likely/probable, go without saying
  • Phrases

    figure on

    North American informal I figured on starting the day with a good breakfastplan oncalculate oncount onrely onbank onbargain ondepend onpin one's hopes onanticipateexpect totake for grantedtake as read

    figure something out

    informal he tried to figure out how to switch on the lampwork outmake outfathomreasonpuzzle outdeciphersolveascertainmake sense ofthink outthink throughget to the bottom offind an answer/solution tounraveluntangleunderstandcomprehendseegraspget the hang ofget the drift ofcalculatecomputereckonassess informalmake head or tail oftwigcrackBritish informalsuss out

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