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Synonyms of fix in English:


  • 1 twenty-five signs were fixed to lamp posts
    install, implant, plant, embed, anchor;
    stick, glue, bond, cement;
    bind, tie, lash;
    establish, position, station, situate
    [Antonyms] remove
  • 2 the words have remained fixed in my memory
    stick, lodge, implant, embed, anchor
  • 3 Ben nodded, his eyes fixed on the ground
    focus, direct, level, point, rivet, train, turn;
    converge, zero in
  • 4 modern television techniques of fixing human attention
    attract, draw;
    hold, grip, engage, captivate, absorb, rivet
    [Antonyms] lose
  • 5 he fixed my washing machine
    repair, mend, patch up, put right, put to rights, set right, get working, make as good as new, see to;
    restore, restore to working order, remedy, rectify, put back together;
    overhaul, service, renovate, recondition, rehabilitate, rebuild, reconstruct, refit, adjust;
    Northern English  fettle
    [Antonyms] break, damage
  • 6 James fixed it for his parents to watch the show from the wings
    arrange, organize, contrive, sort out, see to, see about;
    manage, engineer, orchestrate, find a way
    informal swing, wangle, pull strings
  • 7 informal Laura was fixing her hair
    neaten, arrange, put in order, adjust;
    style, groom, comb, brush, preen, primp, dress
    informal do
  • 8 Chris will fix supper
    prepare, cook, make, make ready, put together, get
    informal rustle up, knock up
  • 9 the committee will fix a date for a special meeting
    decide on, select, choose, resolve on;
    determine, arrive at, settle, set, finalize, arrange, prearrange, establish, allot, prescribe;
    designate, define, name, ordain, appoint, specify, stipulate
  • 10 chemicals must be used to fix the dye
    make permanent, make fast, set
  • 11 informal the fight was fixed
    rig, arrange fraudulently, prearrange/predetermine the result of;
    tamper with, manipulate, manoeuvre, twist, influence
    informal fiddle, set up
  • 12 informal don't tell anybody what I said, or I'll fix you!
    revenge oneself on, get one's revenge on, be revenged on, avenge oneself on, wreak vengeance on, take retribution on, get even with, give someone their just deserts, hit back at, get back at, settle the/a score with, settle accounts with, take reprisals against, punish, deal with
    informal get one's own back on, pay someone back/out, give someone their comeuppance, sort someone out, settle someone's hash, cook someone's goose
  • 13 informal two junkies looking for a place where they could fix
    inject drugs, take drugs
    informal shoot up, mainline, get one's fix
  • 14 the cat has been taken to the vet to be fixed
    North American & Australian  alter
    informal doctor
    rare evirate, caponize, eunuchize
  • Phrases

    fix someone up
    we need to get Dolly fixed up with a job
    provide, supply, furnish, accommodate, equip, endow
    fix something up
    he fixed up a holiday in St Tropez
    organize, arrange, make arrangements for, plan, fix, sort out, see to, put together, see about;


    informal Back to top  
  • 1 they got themselves into a bit of a fix
    predicament, plight, difficulty, difficult situation, awkward situation, spot of trouble, bit of bother, corner, ticklish/tricky situation, tight spot;
    muddle, mess, mare's nest;
    dire straits
    informal pickle, jam, hole, spot, scrape, bind, pinch, sticky situation, hot water, the soup
  • 2 he needed his fix
    informal hit, rush
  • 3 I don't believe that there is a quick fix for the coal industry
    solution, answer, resolution, way out;
    remedy, antidote, cure, nostrum, panacea
    informal magic bullet
  • 4 the quiz was a complete fix
    fraud, swindle, pretence, hoax, trick, charade, sham
    informal set-up, scam, con trick, fiddle, sting
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