Synonyms of flag in English:



  • the Irish flag
    symbol, emblem, representation, figure, image;
    British pendant;
    Nautical burgee;
    in ancient Romevexillum
  • verb

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  • spelling checkers can flag words that are not in a dictionary
    indicate, identify, pick out, point out;
  • Phrases

    flag someone/something down

    she flagged down a police car
    hail, wave down, signal to stop, gesture to stop, motion to stop, make a sign to;
    stop, halt, summon

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    vexillary relating to flags
    vexillology study of flags

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    Synonyms of flag in English:



  • 1 they were flagging as the finish came into sight
    tire, become fatigued, grow tired/weary, weaken, grow weak, lose (one's) strength/energy, falter, languish, wilt, droop, sag
    [Antonyms] revive
  • 2 one's mental energy flags in the afternoon
    wither, melt away, peter out, die away, die down, die out, die off
    informal go downhill
    [Antonyms] increase
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