Synonyms of flame in English:



  • 1 (flames) they could see flames shooting up into the air
  • 2 (flames) the flames of her anger
  • 3 informal an old flame
    informal steady
    British informal boyf, girlf
  • Phrases

    in flames

    two ships are in flames
    [Antonyms] extinguished
    literary afire


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  • 1 logs crackled and flamed
    burn, blaze, be ablaze, be alight, be on fire, be in flames, be aflame;
    burst into flame, catch fire
  • 2 pour the whisky over the lobster and flame it
    ignite, light, set light to, set fire to, set on fire, set alight, kindle, inflame, burn, touch off
    [Antonyms] extinguish
  • 3 the log flamed orange and pink behind the trees
    glow, shine, flash, beam, glare, sparkle
  • 4 Erica's cheeks flamed
    become red, go red, blush, flush, redden, grow pink/crimson/scarlet, colour, glow, be suffused with colour
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