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  • 2 the computer flashed the result on the scoreboard
    display, show, present, set forth, unveil
  • 4 informal he opened his coat and flashed at me
    expose oneself, show/display/reveal one's genitals, commit indecent exposure


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  • 2 a basic uniform with no flashes
    emblem, insignia, badge, marking; patch, bright patch, streak, stripe, bar, chevron
  • 3 a sudden flash of inspiration
    burst, outbreak, outburst, wave, rush, surge, stab, flush, blaze; sudden show, brief display/exhibition


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  • informal a flash sports car See flashy


in/like a flash

it was all over in a flash
[Antonyms] eventually slowly
instantlysuddenlyabruptlyimmediatelyinstantaneouslyall of a suddenquicklyrapidlyswiftlyspeedilywithout delayin an instantin a momentin a (split) secondin a minutein a tricelike a shotstraight awayin a winkin the blink of an eyein the twinkling of an eyein two shakes (of a lamb's tail)before you know iton the doubleat the speed of lightlike an arrow from a bow informalin a jiffybefore you can say Jack Robinsondouble quickin double quick timep.d.q. (pretty damn quick)like (greased) lightningat warp speed

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