Synonyms of focus in English:



  • 1 schools are a focus of community life
    centre, focal point, central point, centre of attention, hub, pivot, nucleus, heart, cornerstone, linchpin, kingpin, bedrock, basis, anchor, backbone, cynosure
  • 2 the focus of this criticism is on helping people find solutions
    emphasis, accent, priority, attention, concentration
  • 3 the main focus of this chapter is elected local government
  • 4 the resulting light beams are brought to a focus at the eyepiece
    focal point, point of convergence
  • Phrases

    in focus

    colour snaps will do as long as they are in focus
    [Antonyms] out of focus
    sharp, crisp, distinct, clear-cut, clear, well defined, well focused

    out of focus

    why are some of the shots out of focus?
    [Antonyms] in focus
    unclear, vague, indefinite, obscure, lacking definition, ill-defined, nebulous;
    archaic blear


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  • 1 he focused his binoculars on the distant tower
    bring into focus, bring to a focus;
    aim, point, turn
  • 2 the investigation will focus on areas of social need
    concentrate, fix, centre, pivot, zero in, zoom in;
    address itself to, pay attention to, pinpoint, spotlight, revolve around, have as its starting point
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