Synonyms of fond in English:



  • 1 she was fond of dancing I'm very fond of Chris
    keen on, partial to, addicted to, enthusiastic about, passionate about; attached to, attracted to, enamoured of, in love with, with a soft spot for
    [Antonyms] indifferent to
  • 2 his fond father plied him with cakes
    adoring, devoted, doting, loving, caring, affectionate, warm, tender, kind, attentive, solicitous; indulgent, overindulgent, overfond
    [Antonyms] unfeeling
  • 3 fond hopes of success
    unrealistic, naive, foolish, foolishly optimistic, over-optimistic, deluded, delusory, absurd, empty, vain
    [Antonyms] realistic
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