Synonyms of force in English:



  • 1 Eddie delivered a blow with all his force
    strength, power, energy, might, potency, vigour, muscle, stamina, effort, exertion, impact, pressure, weight, impetus
    informal punch
    [Antonyms] weakness
  • 2 they used force to achieve their aims
    coercion, compulsion, constraint, duress, oppression, enforcement, harassment, intimidation, threats, pressure, pressurization, influence; violence; Frenchforce majeure
    informal arm-twisting
    North American informal badassery
  • 3 they couldn't deny the force of the argument
    cogency, weight, effectiveness, efficacy, efficaciousness, soundness, validity, strength, might, power, significance, influence, authority, impressiveness, eloquence, persuasiveness, credibility, conclusiveness; logic, logicality, foundation, reasonableness, coherence
    informal bite, punch
    [Antonyms] weakness
  • 4 he gave a performance of staggering expressive force
    intensity, feeling, passion, vigour, vigorousness, vehemence, drive, fierceness; vividness, impact
    informal pizzazz, oomph, zing, zip, zap, punch
    [Antonyms] shallowness
  • 5 they see male lust as a corrupting force
    agency, power, influence, instrument, vehicle, means, cause, effect
  • 6 the government sent in a peacekeeping force
    body, body of people, group, outfit, party, team; corps, detachment, unit, squad, squadron, company, battalion, division, patrol, regiment, army; in ancient Romecohort
    informal bunch
  • Phrases

    in force

  • 1 the state of emergency remained in force
    effective, in operation, operative, operational, in action, valid, on the statute book, current, live, active; binding
    informal up and running
  • 2 her fans were out in force
    in great numbers, in great quantities, in hordes, in full strength
  • verb

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  • 1 the raiders forced him to open the safe
    compel, coerce, make, constrain, oblige, impel, drive, necessitate, pressurize, pressure, press, push; exert force on, use force on, urge by force, use duress on, bring pressure to bear on, press-gang, browbeat, steamroller, bully, dragoon, bludgeon, terrorize, menace
    informal put the squeeze on, put the bite on, put the screws on, tighten the screws on, lean on, twist someone's arm, use strong-arm tactics on, strong-arm, railroad, bulldoze
  • 2 the doors had to be forced
    break open, force open, burst open, prise open, kick in, knock down, blast; crack
  • 3 water was forced through a hole in the pipe
    propel, push, thrust, shove, drive, press, pump, expel
  • 4 they forced a confession out of the kids
    extract, elicit, exact, extort, wrest, wring, wrench, drag, screw, squeeze, milk
    informal bleed
  • Phrases

    force out

    seventeen people were forced out of their homesevictexpelejectoustremovedislodgeturn output outthrow outthrow out on the streetsthrow out on one's eardrum outdrive out informalchuck outkick outboot outheave outthrow someone out on their eardefenestrate

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    force, compel, coerce, oblige
    See compel

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