Synonyms of function in English:



  • 1 the main function of the machine
    purpose, task, use, role; reason, basis, justification
  • 2 the committee's function is to arrange social activities
    responsibility, duty, concern, province, aim, activity, assignment, obligation, charge; task, chore, job, role, errand, mission, detail, undertaking, commission; capacity, post, situation, office, occupation, employment, business, operation; Frenchraison d'être
    informal thing, bag, line of country, pigeon
  • 3 casualties are a function of war
    consequence, result, outcome, ramification, corollary, concomitant
    dated issue
    [Antonyms] cause
  • 4 he was obliged to attend political functions
    social event, party, occasion, social occasion, affair, gathering, reception, soirée, celebration, jamboree, gala; North Americanlevee
    informal do, bash, shindig, shindy, blowout
  • verb

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  • 1 if we unplug a TV set, it ceases to function
    work, go, run, be in working/running order, operate, perform, be in action, be operative
    [Antonyms] malfunction
  • 2 the museum intends to function as an educational and study centre
    serve, act, operate, perform, work, behave; have/do the job of, play the role of, act the part of, perform the function of, do duty as, constitute, form
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