Synonyms of further in English:



  • 1 Orkney is further from the mainland than the Western Isles
    at a greater distance, more distant, farther
    [Antonyms] closer
  • 2 nothing could be further from the truth
    more unlike, less like; farther
    [Antonyms] closer
  • 3 this theme will be developed further in Chapter 6
    additionally, more, to a greater extent
  • 4 further, firms' employment practices may be discriminatory when they appear not to be
  • adjective

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  • 1 the further side of the field
    more distant, more remote, remoter, more advanced, more extreme, further away/off, farther; far, other, opposite
    [Antonyms] nearer, near
  • 2 the further reaches of the valley
    [Antonyms] near
  • 3 for further information please contact the Visitors' Office
  • verb

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  • he decided to further his career in politics
    promote, advance, forward, develop, stimulate; facilitate, aid, assist, help, help along, lend a hand to, abet; expedite, hasten, speed up, accelerate, step up, spur on, oil the wheels of, push, give a push to, boost, encourage, cultivate, nurture, succour; back, contribute to, foster, champion
    [Antonyms] impede
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