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Synonyms of go in English:


  • 1 she went forwards, step by step he's gone into town
    travel, journey;
    repair, remove, retire
    literary betake oneself
  • 2 the road goes to London
    extend, continue, carry on, stretch, reach;
  • 3 the money raised will go to charity
    be given, be donated, be assigned, be allotted, be granted, be presented, be awarded;
    be applied, be devoted;
    be handed (over), be turned over, be made over, be ceded
  • 4 it's time to go
    leave, depart, take one's leave, take oneself off, go away, go off, withdraw, absent oneself, say one's goodbyes, quit, make an exit, exit;
    set off, set out, start out, get going, get under way, be on one's way;
    British  make a move
    informal make tracks, shove off, push off, clear off, beat it, take off, skedaddle, scram, split, scoot, up sticks, pack one's bags
    British informal sling one's hook
    North American informal vamoose, hightail it, cut out
    [Antonyms] arrive, come
  • 5 three years went past
    pass, pass by, elapse, slip by/past, roll by/past, tick away;
    wear on, march on;
  • 6 a golden age that has now gone for good
    come to an end, cease to exist, disappear, vanish, be no more, be over, run its course, fade away, melt away, evaporate;
    blow over;
    finish, end, stop, cease, terminate
    rare evanish
    [Antonyms] return
  • 7 25 of their 80 staff have gone
    be dismissed, be given (one's) notice, be made redundant, be laid off, be let go
    informal get the sack, be sacked, be fired, be given the boot, be given the push, get one's marching orders, be booted out, be axed, get the axe/chop
    British informal be given one's cards
  • 8 her purse had gone
    be stolen, be taken;
    go missing, disappear, be lost, be mislaid
  • 9 after a few weeks, all our money had gone
    be used up, be spent, be finished, be at an end, be exhausted, be consumed, be drained, be depleted
  • 10 I'd like to see my grandchildren before I go
    die, pass away, pass on, expire, depart this life, be no more, breathe one's last, draw one's last breath, meet one's end, meet one's death, meet one's Maker, give up the ghost, go to the great beyond, cross the great divide, shuffle off this mortal coil, perish, go the way of the/all flesh, go to one's last resting place
    British informal snuff it, peg out, pop one's clogs
  • 11 there was no warning at all before the bridge went
    collapse, give way, fall down, cave in, fall in, crumble, disintegrate, break, fall to pieces
  • 12 his hair had gone grey
    become, get, turn, grow, come to be
    literary wax
  • 13 everything went well
    turn out, work out, fare, progress, develop, come out;
    informal pan out
    rare eventuate
  • 14 the carpet and curtains don't really go
    match, go together, be harmonious, harmonize, blend, suit each other, be suited, complement each other, be complementary, coordinate with each other, be compatible
  • 15 my car won't go
    function, work, be in working order, run, operate, be operative, perform
  • 16 where does the cutlery go?
    be kept, belong, have a place, be found, be located;
    be situated, lie, stand
  • 17 this all goes to prove my point
    contribute, help, serve;
    incline, tend
  • Phrases

    get going
  • 1 it's been wonderful seeing you again, but I think it's time we got going See sense 4 of the verb
  • 2 the campaign got going in 1983
    start, begin, get under way, go ahead
    informal kick off
    formal commence
  • get someone going
    his letter to the editor really got me going
    stir up, rouse, arouse, excite, galvanize, electrify, stimulate, inspire, move, fire up, fire the enthusiasm of, fire the imagination of, whip up, inflame, agitate, goad, provoke, spur on, urge, encourage, animate, incite
    get something going
    we got the car going again after much trying
    operate, switch on, turn on, start, start off, start up, set going, trigger off, trigger, trip, set in motion, activate, actuate, initiate, initialize, energize, animate
    go about
    Ruth went about her tasks enthusiastically
    set about, begin, embark on, make a start on, start, address oneself to, get down to, get to work on, get going on, undertake;
    approach, tackle, attack
    informal get cracking on/with
    formal commence
    go along with
    he seemed happy enough to go along with your plans
    go away
    just go away and leave me in peace
    [Antonyms] return
    leave, go, depart, get going, get out, be off with you, shoo
    informal scram, be on your way, run along, beat it, skedaddle, split, vamoose, scat, get lost, push off, buzz off, shove off, clear off, go (and) jump in the lake
    British informal hop it, bog off, naff off, on your bike, get along, sling your hook
    Australian informal nick off
    Australian/New Zealand informal rack off
    South African informal voetsak, hamba
    vulgar slang bugger off, piss off, fuck off
    British vulgar slang sod off
    literary begone, avaunt
    go back on
    she went back on her promise
    [Antonyms] keep, honour
    renege on, break, fail to honour, default on, backtrack on, back out of, repudiate, retract;
    go back on one's word, break one's word, break one's promise, do an about-face
    informal cop out (of), rat on
    go by
    we have to go by the referee's decision
    [Antonyms] flout
    obey, abide by, comply with, observe, keep to, conform to, follow, be guided by, heed, take as a guide;
    go down
  • 1 the ship went down in a storm
    sink, be submerged, founder, go under
  • 2 interest rates are going down
    decrease, get lower, fall, drop, be reduced, decline;
    plummet, plunge, slump
    [Antonyms] rise
  • 3 informal they went down 2–1 in the first leg
    lose, be beaten, be defeated, suffer defeat, be vanquished, collapse, come to grief
    [Antonyms] win
  • 4 his name will go down in history
    be remembered, be recorded, be commemorated, be immortalized
  • go down well
    the production went down well with the audience
    be successful, be a success, achieve success, triumph, make an impression, have an impact, get an enthusiastic reception
    informal be a hit, be a winner, be a sell-out, go down a storm, score
    go down with
    British she's gone down with flu
    fall ill with, get, develop, contract, pick up, succumb to, fall victim to, be struck down with, become infected with
    informal take ill with
    North American informal take sick with
    go far
    you're a smart girl—you'll go far
    be successful, succeed, be a success, do well (for oneself), do all right for oneself, make progress, achieve a great deal, get on, get somewhere, get on in the world, get ahead, advance oneself, make good, set the world on fire
    informal make a name for oneself, make it, make one's mark, find a place in the sun
    go for
  • 1 I went for the grilled tuna
    [Antonyms] reject
  • 2 he lost his temper and went for her
    attack, assault, hit, strike, give someone a beating, beat up, assail, launch oneself at, set upon, spring at/on, rush at, let fly at, tear into, lash out at
    informal lay into, rough up, let someone have it, beat the living daylights out of
    British informal have a go at, duff up
    North American informal beat up on, light into
  • 3 Philip's seeing Sarah—he goes for older women
    be attracted to, find attractive, like, fancy;
    prefer, favour, choose, be drawn to, gravitate towards
    [Antonyms] dislike
  • go in for
    we don't normally go in for this sort of thing
    take part in, participate in, be a participant in, engage in, get involved in, join in, enter into, occupy oneself with, play a part in, be a party to, undertake;
    practise, pursue;
    take up, espouse, adopt, embrace
    go into
    you'll need to go into the subject in greater detail
    go off
  • 1 the bomb went off at 9.20
    informal go bang
  • 2British the milk's gone off
    go bad, go stale, go sour, turn, spoil, go rancid;
    decompose, go mouldy, be rotten;
    be past its sell-by date
  • go on
  • 1 the lecture went on for three hours
    last, continue, carry on, run on, proceed;
  • 2 she went on about how much she loved the sea
    talk at length, ramble, rattle on, talk on and on, carry on talking, chatter, prattle, prate, gabble, maunder, blether, blather, twitter
    British informal witter, rabbit, natter, waffle, chunter
    North American informal run off at the mouth
  • 3 I'm not sure what went on that night
    North American informal go down
    literary come to pass, betide, chance
    rare eventuate, hap
  • go out
  • 1 the lights went out the fire had gone out
    be turned off, be extinguished;
    stop burning, die out, be doused, be quenched
  • 2 he's been going out with her for about two months
    see, take out, be someone's boyfriend/girlfriend, be romantically involved with, go around with, keep company
    informal date, go steady with, go with
    Australian informal track square with
    British informal, dated walk out with
    North American informal, dated step out with
    dated court, woo
  • go over
  • 1 I need to go over the figures
    informal give something the once-over
  • 2 we spent the time going over our lines
    rehearse, practise, read/run through
  • go round
  • 1 the wheels were still going round
  • 2 there's a nasty rumour going round
    be spread, be passed round, be circulated, be put about, be in circulation, circulate, pass round, be disseminated, be broadcast
  • go through
  • 1 no one can imagine what she and the children have gone through
  • 2 he went through hundreds of pounds of his mother's money
  • 3 he went through Susie's bag
    search, look through, hunt through, rummage in/through, rifle through, dig into, ferret (about/around) in, root about/around in, turn inside out;
    informal frisk, inspect
    Australian/New Zealand informal fossick through
  • 4 it took me three hours to go through the report
  • 5 the deal has finally gone through
    be completed, be concluded, be brought to a conclusion, be carried through, be brought off, be pulled off;
    be approved, be signed, be rubber-stamped
  • go under
    over 1,000 businesses went under in the last three months
    go bankrupt, cease trading, go into receivership, go into liquidation, become insolvent, be liquidated, be wound up, be closed (down), be shut (down);
    informal go broke, go to the wall, go belly up, fold, flatline
    go without
  • 1 I decided to go without breakfast
    give up, cut out, swear off
  • 2 she tried to make sure the children did not go without
    lack for something, go short, go hungry, be in need, be deprived, be in want, suffer deprivation
  • noun

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  • 1 his second go
    informal shot, stab, crack, bash, whirl, whack
    formal essay
    archaic assay
  • 2 he still has plenty of go in him
  • Phrases

    have a go at
    British informal
    his dad had had a real go at him
    attack, censure, criticize, denounce, condemn, arraign, find fault with, lambaste, pillory, disapprove of, carp at, cavil at, rail against, inveigh against, cast aspersions on, pour scorn on, disparage, denigrate, deprecate, malign, vilify, besmirch, run down, give a bad press to;
    North American  slur
    informal knock, pan, slam, hammer, blast, bad-mouth, nitpick about, throw brickbats at, give flak to, lay into, lace into, pull to pieces, pull apart, pick holes in, hit out at, maul, savage, roast, skewer, crucify
    British informal slag off, give some stick to, slate, monster, rubbish
    North American informal pummel, cut up, trash
    Australian/New Zealand informal bag
    dated rate
    archaic slash, vituperate against, reprobate
    rare animadvert on, objurgate, excoriate, asperse, derogate, reprehend
    on the go
    she hardly has time to watch TV because she's always on the go
    busy, occupied, employed, hard at work, wrapped up;
    rushed off one's feet (with), hard-pressed;
    at work (on), on the job, absorbed in, engrossed in, immersed in, preoccupied with;
    active, lively, industrious, bustling, energetic, tireless
    informal busy as a bee, hard at it
    British informal on the hop
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