Synonyms of grave in English:



  • a cross marks the grave
    burying place, tomb, sepulchre, vault, burial chamber, burial pit, mausoleum, crypt, catacomb; last home, last resting place
    historical tumulus, barrow
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    Pronunciation: ˈflipənt
    not showing a serious or respectful attitude

    Synonyms of grave in English:



  • 1 a grave matter
    serious, important, all-important, profound, significant, momentous, weighty, of great consequence; vital, crucial, critical, acute; urgent, pressing, exigent; pivotal, precarious, touch-and-go, life-and-death, in the balance; dire, terrible, awful, dreadful, alarming, drastic, sore; perilous, hazardous, dangerous, threatening, menacing, risky
    informal dicey, hairy, iffy, chancy
    British informal dodgy
    rare egregious
    [Antonyms] trivial
  • 2 Jackie looked grave
    solemn, earnest, serious, sombre, sober, severe; unsmiling, long-faced, stone-faced, stony-faced, grim-faced, grim, gloomy; preoccupied, thoughtful, dignified, staid, dour, aloof, forbidding
    [Antonyms] carefree cheerful
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