Synonyms of grind in English:



  • 1 grind the praline into a fine powder
    crush, pound, pulverize, mill, powder, granulate, grate, mince, shred, crumble, pestle, mash, smash, press, fragment, kibble
    technical triturate, comminute
    archaic levigate, bray
  • 2 a knife being ground on a wheel
    sharpen, whet, make sharp/sharper, hone, file, strop; smooth, polish, sand, sandpaper
  • 3 one tectonic plate grinds against another
    rub, grate, scrape, rasp
  • 4 Mitch ground his teeth in fury
    gnash, grit
  • 5 a car grinding up the other side of the hill
    move laboriously, strain, struggle, drag oneself, fight one's way, labour; chug
    North American informal putter
  • Phrases

    grind someone down

    I've never let male colleagues grind me downoppresspersecutetyrannizesuppressafflictmaltreatill-treatscourgetorturetormentmolestharassharry

    grind on

    the meeting ground on
    [Antonyms] race by fly
    drag ongo on and onplod onpass slowlymove slowlycreep alonglimp alongcrawlhang heavygo at a snail's pacewear ongo on too longcontinuecarry ongo onkeep onkeep goingproceed

    grind something out

    a hack grinding out newspaper copyproducegeneratecrank outturn out informalchurn outtrot outbang out


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  • teaching could be a grind
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